The team

Mongol Rally 2018

Matt in Nugget

I’m Matt and after 10 years of talking about it, I’m finally doing the Mongol Rally! I’ll be driving all the way from Tunbridge Wells to Mongolia, and have some great people who will be joining me on parts of the journey…

Sam and Nugget

Hi I’m Sam, and I’ll be joining Matt in Azerbaijan and going through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. I’ve known Matt for thousands of years – we’ve always talked about doing the Mongol Rally and finally we’re getting around to it! We’ve done plenty of crazy adventures together in all corners of the world, but nothing quite like this! 

Hannah Micra

Hola, I’m Hannah, Matt’s girlfriend. I’m very excited to join from Split in Croatia through to Istanbul, and then again from Kazakhstan to the finish and back home again!

Mike at Dover

Yo, I’m Mikey, Matt’s brother! I will be taking part from Prague to Istanbul in Turkey where I’ll try and get a traditional haircut…

Matt Corby

Hi, I’m another Matt and I’m going to be joining Matt from the official start line of the rally in Prague through to Zagreb. I’m proud to say I was there when Matt bought Nugget (online from a bar in Chicago) and I’m very excited to be joining the adventure. Like some of the other members of the team, I too have had previous experience of travelling with Matt in a Micra in Morocco, so I have an idea of what’s in store!


‘Hi, I’m Kate – one of the lucky few non Matts to be joining Nugget on his golden journey. I’m most looking forward to sweltering in a tiny car without air conditioning while passing some of the most beautiful and serene sights in the world. Myself and Matt C will be on board to ensure the boys complete some of the frankly bizarre challenges they’ve been set by people at home, and to make sure they survive at least the first week!’


Hi, I’m James and I have signed up to join Matt and Nugget on the Croatia to Thessaloniki leg of their trip. This won’t be the first time that I have been in a Micra driven by Matt overseas, some of you will remember the stories of Morocco. Matt  has been talking about the Mongol Rally since we were at school, and now he has signed up to do it I wouldn’t want to miss my chance to share in the adventure!

Here's Matt 8 years ago after being stuck in a Moroccon port for 6 hours in 'the Beast' the original Micra!

Here's Matt 8 years ago after being stuck in a Moroccan port for 6 hours in 'the Beast' - the original Micra!

Zdravo! I am also Matt (affix numerical identifier here), and I will be travelling down the Balkans and across Greece. Luckily, I have prior experience being stuck at borders in a Micra with Matt, and together we managed to get to (and survive) some very remote parts of the Americas together. I am very excited for this new adventure!


I’m Henry!  I’ll be squeezing in the car in Istanbul as we trundle east across Turkey. I’ve always loved taking the path less travelled and exploring unusual places so can’t wait for the adventure to begin! I’ll be hanging out the window taking photos as we wind though the mountains of Georgia to the beautiful capital of Tbilisi. I’ll also be searching for as many answers to your weird and wonderful questions as we can!


I’m Nuggetan elderly Nissan Micra. I didn’t sign up for this…