Nugget gets a paint job

Mongol Rally 2018

Nugget gets a paint job

I first heard about Paint Mechanics, a group of local spray paint artists, after reading an article on Kent Live about how they are brightening up parts of Tunbridge Wells with their art. So I got in touch with them to see if they’d be up for making Nugget stand out even more, and was very excited to get a positive response.

We wanted to make sure Nugget stuck to it’s gold roots, so our design inspiration was the incredible mosaics on the buildings of Samarkand in Uzbekistan. I sketched up some ideas for the design and one Friday a couple of weeks before the rally, Hugh and Josh came over and got to work…

Josh was busy taping up the back with masking tape to make the pattern while Josh was working on a map of our route on the bonnet.

Josh brightening up the hub-cap covers

“Ah sick, where’d you get them rims mate?”

Drunk bloke at local pub

The guys did a fantastic job, and the car certainly turns heads now – and that has been great for the fundraising. We might wish to be a bit more inconspicuous in the latter stages of the rally, but at least other teams will easily spot us if we get stuck!

“It´s definitely the sexiest mark 2 Micra I´ve ever seen. Can I take a picture?”

Man in B&Q car park

Thanks Hugh and Josh! If you know of a place that needs brightening up or a school that wants some playful artwork, check out their website and get in touch – they’re a really friendly and talented group.


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