Mongol Rally 2018

A Micra on a mission

Between July and October 2018 we took Nugget, a 21 year old, golden Nissan Micra all the way from Tunbridge Wells to Mongolia… and back! Finally, after 10 years of talking about it, we were doing the 2018 Mongol Rally!

The Slow Search Engine

When we signed up to do the Mongol Rally, we agreed to raise at least £1000 for charity. We wanted to do things a bit differently, and so gave ourselves a challenge. 

Nugget the Micra rolled off the factory line the same month that Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain “www.google.com“. Today it seems almost impossible to imagine life without Google, but that’s exactly what we were going to try to experience. 

We asked people what questions they had about the countries we’d be visiting. In exchange for a small donation, we ventured off to find the answers without using the internet. It certainly wasn’t easy.

Check back soon – we’ll be sharing some of our attempts to answer your questions!

Our charities

We’ve raised £2500 for two fantastic charities – Remap and Cool Earth.

Sponsor us!

Remap  custom-makes equipment to help disabled people live more independent lives

Cool Earth is a charity that works with indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction

Latest updates

Rally preparations

Finding our car and getting it ready for the rally

Fireside Chat

Us trying to explain what on earth we’re doing this summer in a series of short videos!

Thank you to our sponsors…

With ambitious targets of raising over £1000 for Remap and Cool Earth, we turned to some local businesses and big companies for support. The response we’ve had has been incredible. Take a look at who has supported us in our fundraising and to get the car ready for the road to Mongolia.

Paint Mechanics

For the amazing paint job on our car

The Hare

For generously donating a voucher as a quiz prize


For kindly donating a distillery tour as a quiz prize.

Experience Days

For supporting our charities by donating vouchers for our quiz night.


For supporting our charities by donating cinema tickets for our quiz night.

HollyWood Bowl

For supporting our charities by donating tickets for our quiz night.

Lonely Planet

For supporting our charities by providing a selection of amazing books as raffle prizes on our quiz night

Drive Auto Products

For providing us with some great accessories to keep our car organised on the long journey to Mongolia!

Adventure Gear Store

For supporting our charities by donating vouchers as a quiz prize

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