Our charities

Mongol Rally 2018

We’re raising money for two fantastic charities, Remap and Cool Earth.

Doing something crazy like this is a great opportunity to raise money for charity, but more than that we see the potential for us to help raise awareness for some meaningful causes.

Therefore, our first priority was to find a local charity to work with, and we are hugely excited to be supporting Remap who are based in Kemsing and have a network of volunteers across the country.

Remap is a national charity with hundreds of volunteers who love making things for disabled people. We design and custom-make equipment and everything is provided free of charge! We aim to help people achieve independence and quality of life, filling the gap where no suitable equipment is available commercially.

We’re very conscious of the fact that driving halfway across the planet isn’t the “greenest” thing we can be doing. So we’re making a big effort to support Cool Earth, the official charity of the Adventurists. We love their ethos of tackling the challenges of conservation by focusing on people.

Cool Earth is a charity that works with indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.

Make a donation

Visit our Virgin Money Giving page to make a donation. Don’t forget to leave us a question to answer on our journey!


Where does the money go?

We’re funding the trip by ourselves so rest assured, all money from our fundraising activities will go directly Remap and Cool Earth – split 50/50.

Get involved

Join us for a quiz night on Saturday 7th July with all proceeds going to Remap and Cool Earth.

Entry price is £15 per person and includes delicious food, an evening of entertainment and the chance to preview the ‘rally-spec’ Micra!

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