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Mongol Rally 2018

The Slow Search Engine springs into action

In Turkey our Slow Search engine challenge really kicked off – we had so many questions to answer in Istanbul alone, and so little time! We may not have got reliable answers to all of the questions… yet… but we’ve had some really interesting conversations, have learnt a lot, and had a lot of fun!…
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Nugget gets a paint job

I first heard about Paint Mechanics, a group of local spray paint artists, after reading an article on Kent Live about how they are brightening up parts of Tunbridge Wells with their art. So I got in touch with them to see if they’d be up for making Nugget stand out even more, and was very…
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The story of Nugget

There’s a bit of a story about how I came to be united with this car. I had been living in Canada for 2 years, and when making plans to move back to the UK I realised I was about to lose my no claims bonus. I needed to find a car fast, and so…
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